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Međunarodni projekti:

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European Framework Projects (FP7):

- Biotechnological conversion of carbon containing wastes for eco-efficient production of high added value products,voditelja prof. dr. sc. Predraga Horvata

- AmyloEnzymes Captured by Targeted Metagenomics, voditelja Daslava Hranuelia

- Processing Raw Materials into Excellent and Sustainable End products while Remaining Fresh", voditeljice Draženke Komes


- Conservation and standardisation of traditional technologies of fermented milk products based on autochthonous lactic acid bacteria, voditeljice Jagode Šušković

- Characterisation and tracking the origin of specific features of traditional cheeses in Western Balkans Region, voditelja Damira Ivekovića

Leonardo da Vinci:

- Raising the Awareness on Healthy Food and Healthy Eating Among Children, voditeljice Durgo



-ISEKI Food 4 - Towards the innovation of the food chain through innovation of education in Food Studies, 518415-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-Erasmus-ENW

Predstavnik za Hrvatsku Ingrid Bauman, PBF, suradnik u radnoj grupi WP5: Third Cycle Degree and Technology Transfer


-Improving Academia – Industry Links in Food Safety and Quality; 158714-TEMPUS-ES-2009-JPHES (FOODLINKS); koordinator za HR1 prof. dr. sc. Ingrid Bauman