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Lokacija: Antioxidant Research Laboratory, National Institute fof Food and Nutrition Research,Via Ardeatina, 546, 00178 Rome, Italy






University of Rome "La Sapienza", Faculty of Biological Sciences Doctoral Degree cum laude in April 1992 on Human Nutrition. Thesis "Plasma levels of natural antioxidants in groups of population from different geographical areas."

Ph.D. in Experimental Physiopathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Pavia, Thesis “Red-ox modulation of oxidative stress by phenolic compounds: mechanism of action and effect on cell-mediated immune function”

Mission: Unravelling the mechanism of body’s resistance to dietary-induced stressors and to understand the role of plant foods in modulating antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cell-mediated immune reponse in humans. Research is developed following a path of different experimental models from the cell culture to animals and, to specific dietary intervention trials in humans, in order to plan strategies of dietary intervention for metabolic stress prevention.


Current Research Objectives:


i) Understanding the biological mechanism (s) of the dietary modulation of body fluids and tissues oxidative stress in humans.


ii) Investigate the role of dietary plant foods in modulating post-prandial inflammatory and lipidic stress in humans


iii) Understanding the bioavailability of phenolic compounds in humans and evaluation of the dietary factors interfering with their absorption.


iv) Development of biomarkers and experimental models for the assessment of redox, and oxidative status in tissues and body fluids.


v) Unraveling the link between sustainable dietary behavior and metabolic health.

International Publications


Works of Prof. Serafini received 5267 cytations, H Index 33, i10-index 50 (Source: Google Scholar).


Top Five Articles


Serafini M, Bugianesi R, Maiani M, Valtueňa S, De Santis S & Crozier A. Plasma antioxidants from chocolate. Nature 2003: 424:1013.


Serafini M, & Crozier A. Milk and absorption of dietary flavonols. Nature 2003: 426:788.


Serafini M., Bellocco R., Wolk A., & Ekström AM. Total Antioxidant Potential of Fruit and Vegetables and risk of gastric cancer. Gastroenterology 2003;123:985-991. The Cover of the Journal was dedicated to the publication.


Serafini M., Ghiselli A. & Ferro-Luzzi A.: In vivo antioxidant effect of green and black tea in man. Eur J Clin Nutr 1996: 50:28-32. *** *** Highest number of citations on EJCN (1996 to 2002) and “highly cited paper” in clinical medicine (top 1%) secondo ISI Esssential Science Indicators. (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2002: 56, 793-795).


Serafini M., Ghiselli A., Ferro-Luzzi A. Red wine, tea, and antioxidants. The Lancet 1994; 344:626.



2014-2018: National Abilitation as Full Professor in Nutrition (MED49) and Biochemistry (BIO10).


2008-on: Invited Professor of Nutrition at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology


2010-on: Teaching at the Immuno-Nutrition workshop (CSIC)


2009-on. Teaching of “Diet and disease” at the International School of Esthetic Medicine, Fondazione fatebenefratelli


2007-on. Teaching of “Dietary modulation of oxidative and inflammatory stress in humans” Master in clinical nutrition and dietetics. Istituto Alta Formazione.


2003-on. Teaching of “Dietary antioxidants, redox status and pathologies”. Master of Phytoterapy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Siena University.


2000 – 2010: Teaching of “Nutrition Phisiology” at the School of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, University of Rome “La Sapienza”


2005: Visiting professor at the Kyoto medical University, department of inflammation. Tenour of a grant of the Japan Society for Promotional of Sciences.

2004-on Teaching “Dietary antioxidants and CVD prevention” at the Master in “Obesity prevention” of the Faculty of Medicine, University “La Sapienza”.


2002-2003 Teaching “Dietary modulation of oxidative stress”. Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”


Tutor for thesis of graduate, postgraduate and PhD students. Member of PhD Giury at University of Zagreb, Antwerp, Hong Kong and Valencia.